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Workers' Compensation

Droder & Miller attorneys represent employers and employees in all issues involving injuries caused by workplace accidents.  Droder & Miller handles all aspects of the claims process in the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, hearings in the Industrial Commission of Ohio and litigation in courts of common pleas and appellate courts, if necessary.  Droder & Miller's workers' compensation services include:

  • preparation of documents to be filed with the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation, including, but not limited to:  allowance of medical conditions, authorization and approval of medical treatment, requests for the awarding of temporary total disability benefits, requests for wage loss compensation, applications for partial disability determinations, applications for permanent and total disability determinations and requests for wrongful death benefits
  • representation at hearings before the Industrial Commission, where the above issues are considered
  • consultation and representation on issues involving safety violations, including safety requirements (known as "VSSR") and alleged employee intentional tort actions
  • consultation and representation on issues involving employer claims experience, ratings and workers' compensation premiums